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Our coaches can help you improve in all areas of life.

Coaching helps people achieve their potential in nearly every profession. Growth can be challenging, and leaning on your friends, partner, or colleagues alone can backfire. Hiring a coach is the answer!

Our member coaches can help you grow your skills, get past your blind spots, and achieve great things in life and business. If you’re looking for a coach, let us introduce you to the best coaches around!Meet Our CoachesOur coaches can help you improve in all areas of life.


Finding your path, exploring why you're here, or bringing your biggest dreams to life.


Growing your capacity as an empathetic, energetic, and conscious leader.


Developing a satisfying love life, improving your current relationship, or starting a new one.


Changing careers, breaking through your glass ceiling, and getting back into the workforce.


Tapping into new revenue streams, improving teams, and improving your bottom line.


Exploring your relationship with the Divine, and how to embody it in everyday life.


Supporting health through diet, exercise, and wellness practices like meditation and mindfulness.


Balancing the role of parenting with the rest of life, so you can be the best parent that you can possibly be.

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The Chamber of Commerce for Coaches in Northern California

Who We Are

Santa Cruz Coaches is the only independent Chamber of Commerce for professional coaches in Northern California. It began in Santa Cruz (hence the name). We incorporated as an official 501(c)6 in 2019 and welcome a great diversity of coaches from different niches and backgrounds between Marin and Monterey!